Nathan Swart, who is entering the sixth grade at International School Michel Lucius in Luxembourg City, managed to get South Africa star Faf de Klerk to sign his underwear, modelled on a pair the player famously wore after winning the 2019 World Cup. Now he's using his new-found fame for good.

Nathan's headline-grabbing encounter with the Springboks legend at last Sunday's Rugby World Cup game against Scotland in Marseille went viral, garnering more than 1 mn views online.

The youngster spoke with Today Radio's Stephen ‘Steps’  Lowe on the Sam Steen Show on Thursday about wanting to make a difference in his native South Africa. Nathan is attempting to raise money for the the Sport Revolution foundation, which is working to provide resources for underprivileged children in South Africa to access and enjoy rugby.

Speaking of the game last Sunday, Nathan said the atmosphere was electric and naturally the high point was meeting his hero.

Faf de Klerk even had some wise words for him, telling Nathan he believed in him and that if he trained hard enough, he could one day play for the national side.

Nathan is a keen player for Rugby Club Luxembourg playing number 9 just like his idol.

He will be following South Africa closely thoughout the tournament and has plans to attend the next fixture when they meet Tonga.

As for the now-famous Faf pants, the speedos will never be washed worn again, he assured, and are going to be framed alongside the pictures that were taken with de Klerk.

You can find out more about Nathan's donations drive here.

The Sam Steen Show - It's Nate, It's Nate, he's Faf de Klerk's mate