Around 150 checks took place at various competitions, 50 of which were unannounced.

No less than 230 inspections took place the previous year, both at national (203) and international (22) competitions. In all cases, they were urine-based tests, and some blood samples were taken (50).

And so far, the only positive here is that all results were negative: no traces of any forbidden substances or medication were found with any of the Luxembourg-registered athletes.

The results of two foreign are yet to be revealed.

ALAD (Luxembourg Anti-Doping Agency), aside from performing 150 inspections - 51 of which were unannounced - also carried out screening outside official competition grounds (81) in the case of elite athletes, that is, either at their homes or place of training.

Five athletes were absent during controls, and if an athlete racks up three "no-shows" within one year, they are penalised. However, this was not the case.