Luxembourg's Monique Olivier beats own record by 9 hundredths at the last day of the Euro Meet in Coque.

Monique Olivier and Raphaël Stacchiotti made it to the A-finals for the last day of the Euro Meet in Luxembourg City's Coque.

Monique Olivier set up a new national record for 400 metre crawl with a personal best of four minutes 14 hundredths, beating her own national record time set up at the world championships in Gwangju in July 2019 by nine hundredths.


With a time of two minutes, three seconds and 46 hundredths in the 200m category, Raphaël Stacchiotti qualified fourth for the finals. French athlete Jeremy Desplanches comes first, with a time of one minute, 57 seconds and 59 hundredths.

In the 200 metre backstroke category, Remi Fabiani qualified for the B-finals with a time of two minutes, seven seconds and 98 hundredths.