Lucinda Brand wins the final world cup before the world championships, which took place in Hoogerheide in the Netherlands this Sunday.

The race in Hoogerheide was the last to take place before the world championships in Dübendorf in Switzerland. It was also the final race of the world cup, meaning that lots of world-class cyclists participated.

Luxembourg's Christine Majerus scores 26th place with a delay of 1 minute 42 seconds. Dutch athlete Lucinda Brand finishes in 1st place, beating colleague Annemarie Worst and Belgian Sanne Cant by just three and four seconds.

In the Juniors' race, Luxembourg's Mats Wenzel comes in 32nd place, with a delay of two minutes 23 seconds. With a delay of four minutes 24 seconds, Arno Wallenborn finishes in 49th place. Tom Paquet and Noé Ury did not complete the race.