Excavation work in Longwy has led to an unexpected discovery - 168 shells dating back to the First World War were found.

The shells were discovered in Longwy-Haut and were still in their original cases when they were unearthed, according to reports in Lorraine media.
The shells were found during excavation work related to the rehabilitation project of the casemate in Croix. Upon the discovery, the city's services immediately contacted the regional demining service who sent a team to the site.

Le Républicain Lorrain reports that it took two days for the deminers to safely extract the shells. The discovery appears to be a depot used by German troops during the First World War. Each warhead was calibrated for cannons and consisted of an explosive and a detonator.

A controlled underground explosion was conducted in a complex kept secret by the French state to safely destroy the shells. According to our colleagues in Lorraine, the explosives may have been abandoned during the evacuation of German troops from Longwy on November 10 and 11, 1918.