On Saturday evening police broke up an illegal party in Offagne, in Belgium's Province of Luxembourg, that 70 people attended in a holiday home, the office of the province prosecutor confirmed.

The maximum capacity of the holiday home is just 14 people. The police intervention was hindered as several party-goers tried to run away. Still, 42 participants were identified.

The party organiser, the person who rented the house, was immediately issued a €750 fine. Other attendees could risk a fine of up to €250.

The prosecutor is likely to take action. The man who rented the holiday home is a 24-year-old resident of Dilbeek, near Brussels. According to the prosecutor, party-goers were mostly young people, including some having traveled to Offagne from the Netherlands.

It would seem that most people gathered at the same place by word of mouth. The owner of the holiday home may also be taken in for questioning.