Remember in April when the Notre Dame in Paris caught fire?

Almost one billion dollars were pledged to rebuild the Notre Dame cathedral when it caught fire in April this year. Makeup group L'Oreal and Bernard Arnault pledged to donate 200 million euros to the effort, as well as other companies.

This all happened within a day after the tragic event took place.

Yet, here we are eight months into 2019 and over 75,000 fires later and when you google to see the list of people who have pledged money to help you get zero results.

People are up in arms, taking to social media to express their outrage about the lack of media coverage and monetary support of the Amazon wildfire. The World Wildlife Fund shared a tweet asking "why is there not the same level of outrage for the fires destroying the Amazon rain forest?".

The hashtag #PrayForTheAmazon on Twitter shows hundreds of tweet of people sharing photos and videos of the fires, asking people to share the information and bring awareness to the devastating disaster that's sweeping Brazil. Even as far as Sao Paulo people are seeing the effects, with the city covered by a layer of smoke.