Teams challenged to develop digital products in range of code-based areas.

Kids Life Skills ASBL, a non-profit organization offering logical thinking and computer coding classes and weekly workshops to children ages 4-13 will be hosted at the Game of code Hackathon on Friday and Saturday April 3rd and 4th, 2020.

Children from the 7-10 age group and a Kids Life Skills coach, will participate allowing the kids to experience working as a team to face challenges and come together to problem-solve.

The teams will strive to develop a digital product and will present it at the end of the second day.

Organized by Farvest, Game of Code is broken down into three components:

- Open Data

- Open Banking

- Design CSR Game App

Kids Life Skills was launched in December 2018 with the aim of teaching children the key technical and life skills they will likely need to become successful in the tech-heavy future.

The classes introduce children to the concepts of logic, programming and algorithms in a step-by-step manner through interactive, hands-on games and activities.

Younger children play group games and practice programming robots, while older children move to on-screen learning, using kid-focused programs such as Scratch to begin coding their own games and animations.

“We were happy to be invited to take part in Game of Code as it exposes them to the most unique and mesmerizing atmosphere and giving us a wonderful opportunity to inspire the children in our classes.” explains Adi Berland CEO of Kids Life Skills.

“We want kids to better understand what they can do with technology as creators and not only as passive consumers,” said Ronen Even Tzur, experienced FinTech entrepreneur and Founder of Kids Life Skills.

In addition to holding weekend classes during the school year, Kids Life Skills also offers workshops for children, parents and educators on different topics related to digital skills.

For additional information we welcome parents and children to come to our free information sessions on March 1 or on March 8 2020.