The post office has launched a new campaign "My box - my advertising" to prevent people from receiving a surplus of flyers and leaflets in their postboxes.

Before the launch, individuals had to indicate their preference against receiving flyers and leaflets by displaying the "Keng Reklamme wgl." ("no advertising please") stickers on their mailboxes. The situation has now reversed: Those desiring advertising materials in their mailbox must signify their consent using a sticker indicating their agreement to receive it.

The previous "no advertising" sticker will become obsolete: Unless a sticker explicitly states consent, it is prohibited to deposit any advertisements. No sticker therefore means no advertisement. Furthermore, every sticker requesting advertising, even if self-made, should be honored, ensuring that their preferences are respected.

Free newspapers do not fall under the new restriction.

The post office has launched the initiative under the slogan "My box - my advertising" and will distribute 3 types of stickers to be applied to postboxes starting from Tuesday.
The regulation was introduced following a law passed in June 2023 to prevent fraud, and also includes new rules regarding the distribution of "Toutes-Boîtes" advertisements, or flyers for every postbox.