Jean Billa, the director of Lycée Edward Steichen, was suspended until further notice from his post in October after the Ministry of Education launched a disciplinary procedure.

Last week, the Diekirch public prosecutor announced that Billa was under investigation for alleged drug trafficking, violations of anti-drug laws, possession of prohibited weapons, and misappropriation of public or private funds.

On Monday, Billa's lawyer announced that his client had formally denied the allegations and would seek to defend himself during the ongoing investigations.

In a press release, Billa's lawyer also criticised coverage of the case in the press, writing that the "banal reference to the principle of the presumption of innocence at the end of an article does not change the impression that the press articles in question caused among their readers, namely the proof of guilt."

The lawyer called for respect for the "secrecy of the investigation" and warned that further speculation could seriously harm his client's reputation.