Armed with torches, visitors will be able to explore the Belval blast furnace in the dark on Saturday.

The experience welcomes visitors of all ages, granting them free admission starting from 6pm, with the last ascent at 11.30pm, and the site closing at midnight.

Visitors can select from two routes to reach the upper level of the blast furnace, with the option to climb the stairs or take the lift.

Throughout the tour, several guides provided by the Fonds Belval will accompany visitors along the blast furnace's path, offering intriguing insights into its historical and technical significance as a remarkable industrial heritage site.

Presentations in multiple languages will be held in the Fonds Belval exhibition room, unravelling the story of Belval's transformation from industrial wasteland to the innovative Cité des Sciences et de l'Innovation, where architecture and industrial heritage come together. Presentation schedules include 7pm (French), 8pm (English), 9pm (Luxembourgish/German), and 10pm (French).

Music and catering

Two musical groups will be performing during the evening. The jazz duo, "The Swingin' Hepcats," will serenade the Haut Fourneau area from 7pm to 8pm. Following this, "Ramblin' South," known for their warm rock-blues compositions which draw their inspiration from the musical tradition of the southern states of the US, will grace the Halle des Poches à Fonte in two separate performances at 8.20pm and 10.20pm.

Takeaway food options will be available in the covered hall just in front of the Halle des Poches à Fonte, complete with seating arrangements. In addition, three restaurants, including two located beneath the preserved blast furnaces, will offer meal and cocktail options, all within an ambiance uniquely characteristic of the region.