Climate change and the fight against discrimination were the central themes of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel's address at the 78th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York on Friday.

Addressing the international community, Luxembourg's Prime Minister began his speech - held in French - by stressing the critical importance of unity in addressing global challenges.

Despite Luxembourg's modest size on the global stage, Prime Minister Bettel reaffirmed the nation's unwavering commitment to collaboration and unity. He expressed Luxembourg's continued dedication to investing in cooperative endeavours, even if allocating resources to aid people in distant corners of the world might not always find favour within one's own country.

Turning to environmental policy, Prime Minister Bettel acknowledged that efforts in this area are not always met with unanimous support. He recognised that the pursuit of resource preservation often required adjustments to everyday life. He stressed the importance of taking action today for the sake of future generations and their well-being tomorrow. Bettel also emphasised the urgency of swift and efficient measures to ensure sustainable development and to combat the looming threat of climate change.

Beyond environmental protection, the Prime Minister also underscored the need to foster greater global tolerance. He advocated for equal rights and opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their place of birth, their parents' origins, religion, sexual orientation, or political beliefs. Bettel concluded his speech by asserting that everyone should enjoy equal access to housing, education, and the freedom to be their true-selves, rather than being defined by the expectations of others.