An agreement between the German Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate and Luxembourg is set to introduce a harmonised approach to flood forecasting for the border rivers Our, Sûre, and Moselle.

Until now, flood data, water levels, and high-water forecasts in these river sections were independently prepared and disseminated by both administrations.

Following technical adjustments to their respective systems, both sides will work hand in hand moving forward. Specifically, Luxembourg's Water Management Authority will take charge of generating forecasts for the river gauges on the Our, as well as the Sûre's gauges at Bollendorf and Rosport. These forecasts will then be adopted unchanged by the Rhineland-Palatinate State Office for the Environment (LfU).

Conversely, the LfU will now produce forecasts for the Moselle gauges at Perl (Saarland), Stadtbredimus, and Wasserbillig, which will be adopted unchanged by Luxembourg's Water Management Authority.

"Floods don't stop at borders. Through this close collaboration, we aim to strengthen our cross-border flood forecasting efforts in order to be even better prepared," stated Katrin Eder, the Minister for Environment and Climate Protection in Rhineland-Palatinate. Meanwhile, Joëlle Welfring, Luxembourg's Minister for the Environment, Climate, and Sustainable Development, emphasised, "improving flood protection for our residents is our utmost priority. Cross-border cooperation and improved flood forecasts are pivotal steps toward achieving this objective."

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