On 1 January 2023, Luxembourg recorded a population of 660,809 individuals, an increase of 15,412 residents (2.4%) compared to the previous year.

Men comprise 50.3% of the population, compared to 49.7% of women. This surplus of men stands at 4,079 individuals, primarily attributed to a higher proportion of men among migrants.

Since 1981, the population of Luxembourg has grown by 81%.

While the proportion of foreign nationals in Luxembourg has witnessed a steady rise over the years, surging from 26.3% in 1981 to 47.4% in 2023, it is noteworthy that this proportion has experienced a modest decline since 2018 when it peaked at 47.9%. This trend is largely attributed to the impact of Luxembourg's dual nationality law, enacted in 2009, which has facilitated the acquisition of Luxembourgish nationality.

The age structure of the Grand Duchy's population has also changed over recent decades. The relative proportion of young individuals aged 0-19 has dwindled, whereas the numbers of those aged 40-64 and 80 and above have shown a relative increase.

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