On 11 June, voters across Luxembourg will head to the polls to select their municipal representatives. RTL gathered a selection of facts ahead of the election.

1. The results for the council of aldermen in Stadtbredimus and in Nommern have already been confirmed after too few candidates joined the election lists. In Nommern, Sophie Didderich was elected mayor at the age of just 24, becoming Luxembourg's youngest mayor in history.

2. 38.5%, or 1,483, of the 3,847 candidates are female. 61.2% are male. 60% of the parties have a 40% proportion of female candidates this year.

3. Is there a dress code for voting in the municipal elections? Not in Luxembourg! You could even vote in your pyjamas, if you so wish.

4. The postal vote has soared in popularity this year, with 59,596 voters registering for a postal voting slip. The last municipal elections counted just 20,753 postal votes.

5. Voting will take place in 102 municipalities this year; however, due to the mergers between Grosbous and Wahl, and Bous and Waldbredimus, there will be just 100 municipalities in the country after Sunday.

6. 10% of candidates this year do not have Luxembourgish citizenship. The CSV party has the smallest number of non-Luxembourgish candidates, compared to the Pirate Party, which has the most foreign candidates on their lists.

7. The average age among this year's candidates is 48.

8. The youngest candidate will be 18 years and 3 days old on the day of the vote, while the oldest candidate is 85 years of age.

9. Due to Luxembourg's compulsory voting laws, every Luxembourger aged between 18 and 75 must participate in the vote. Anyone who fails to do so could risk a fine of €100 to €250.

10. This year is the first time that non-Luxembourgers aged over 18 will be able to participate in the vote. Foreign nationals in Luxembourg were granted the right to join in municipal elections, provided they registered prior to the election. Anyone who is registered is compelled to vote in accordance with Luxembourg laws.

11. Even prisoners with a place of residence in Luxembourg must participate in mandatory voting, provided they have not been stripped of the right to vote as a result of their sentence. Inmates can register for postal votes from penitentiaries.