A tripartite measure is that property owners can offer their apartments to Social Rental Management (GLS) and thereby earn a 75% tax credit. However, it is difficult to say at this time if this will increase the number of places offered to one of the 39 associations.

On Monday morning, the Ministry for Housing invited associations to sign a convention, but the latter came prepared with a series of demands.

For instance, people living in a GLS accommodation should also be able to benefit from rent subsidies. Even if their rents are lower than those on the private market, families can still struggle to cope. According to Ministert Kox, it would be difficult to implement this change since everyone has to be treated equally in front of the law. He thinks that a more viable alternative would be to to renegotiate GLS rents altogether.

Associations also want to increase the financial support that they receive per accommodation as they have to cover renovations. Another issue is that people living in a GLS accommodation rarely manage to enter the private market. Between 2019 and 2021, only 13% of occupants left one of the 105 apartments.