The 2021 census indicates that there are slightly more men than women residing in Luxembourg. The average age has also increased by one year compared to 2011.

The Grand Duchy's population has increased by more than 25% compared to 2011, reaching almost 644,000 residents. On Tuesday morning, the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (STATEC) presented the results of the 2021 census to the press.

Charlie Klein, a geographer working for STATEC, pointed out that the population increase in Luxembourg is remarkable, given that the population of the European continent has only increased by 1.7% over the past ten years. Some countries, including Italy, Portugal, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, have even seen a fall in the number of residents.

Active population is growing

The active population of Luxembourg is growing rapidly, as many people move to the Grand Duchy for work. This trend has also slightly shifted the gender balance. In contrast to the previous census in 2011, there are now slightly more men (50.4%) than women residing in Luxembourg. One possible explanation for this is that migrants are more likely to be men than women.

Despite the fact that not everyone participated in the census (the participation rate was 79%), the figures are representative of the entire population. In addition to the surveys, STATEC employees also worked with data acquired from registers and administrations. Due to the pandemic, almost half of all participants opted to fill in the questionnaire online. In 2011, only 3% used the online option. However, the participation rate was also 6% higher ten years ago.

An ageing population

According to the latest census, the average age has risen to 39.7 years, one year more than it was ten years ago. As for the birth rate, women in the Grand Duchy have 1.4 children on average. However, due to the growing active population, the majority of residents are between the ages of 25 and 55. The Grand Duchy had 91 residents above the age of 100 in 2021, up from 67 in 2011.


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