The Ministry of Health has announced that the 'carnet de santé' has been redesigned in a more gender-neutral palette.

The 'carnet de santé' or health booklet in English, is a vital medical document used to record the evolution of a child's health, including information such as height and weight, as well as doctor's appointments.

The Ministry of Health has announced that in an effort to promote gender equality between men and women, the health booklet will now have a gender-neutral design. The new booklets will begin circulation from 1 February 2023.

Traditionally, a pink version of the booklet was given to girls and a blue version to boys. The redesigned booklet boasts a white cover with green and yellow designs and will now be given to every child regardless of their assigned sex at birth.

The 'carnet de santé' remains a vital medical document, regardless of the colour, and allows medical professionals direct access to each child's complete medical history on a single document.