Minister of Finance Yuriko Backes announced a series of tax relief measures on Monday after it was confirmed that the state deficit will be €500 million less than the October 2022 estimate.

Following the minister's announcement, the Green Party (déi Gréng) is now demanding targeted measures to address the three major crises. According to party co-president Meris Sehović, these are inflation, the housing crisis, and the climate crisis. Specifically, Sehović calls for "socially targeted relief for low and medium incomes."

A general adjustment of the tax table, on the other hand, is "not a priority" for the Green Party at the moment. Co-president Djuna Bernard stated that it is important to keep a balance and avoid excessive spending.

For the Green Party, this also applies to the financial aids introduced after the last tripartite, which are due to expire at the end of the year. Bernard stresses that politicians must start thinking about what to do if the high prices persist – particularly in view of the 2023 legislative elections. "I think we might go through a period where we do not yet have a new government, and with that in mind, we must act responsibly now," Bernard said.

Meanwhile, Sehović hopes that the extra funds will be used for "massive investments in affordable public housing" and tax adjustments.