A new study by Luxembourg's statistics portal has revealed that women held only 18% of the 968 jobs available within the sports sector in 2021.

Luxembourg's sports clubs accounted for 968 jobs in Luxembourg in 2021, but women held just 18% of those roles. Women made up just 16% of coaching staff, and 15% of athletes; in contrast, women accounted for 48% of administrative jobs in the sector.

Statec explained the enormous male predominance in sport was down to the fact that over 77,000 active members in Luxembourg's sports clubs are men, while women make up just 36% of members.


The largest employers in the sector are football clubs, with 361 roles; followed by basketball with 102 positions and tennis in third place.

Some 14,500 volunteers participated in running sports activities in 2021. According to Statec, the average volunteer spent around 76 hours per year working for their club.