The Ministry of Sport's new five-year plan envisions €135 million for the development and renovation of infrastructure, a proposal set to be discussed by the respective Chamber commission on Tuesday.

Depending on the project, the government covers 35%, 50%, or even 70% of infrastructure costs. The last five-year plan amounted to €120 million, with which a total of 36 projects were financed.

A provisional document currently lists 35 projects that might end up being financed with the €135 million. These include the public swimming pools in Vianden and Wiltz, and the development and renovation of the gymnasiums in Differdange, Esch-sur-Alzette, Echternach, Mersch, Mondercange, Koetschette, and Remich.

A national beach volleyball centre in Bissen is also being planned in the context of the new five-year plan.