The majority of applicants hailed from Brazil, Portugal, and France in 2022, with 3,275 Brazilians acquiring a Luxembourg passport.

According to a report published by the Ministry of Justice this week, 10,499 people obtained Luxembourgish nationality last year, while one Hungarian national opted to give up their Luxembourg citizenship. The Ministry clarified that all applicants undergo the same process, regardless of their origins. As a result, some 175 Russian nationals were able to acquire a Luxembourg passport in 2022.

Why do so many Americans and Brazilians seek Luxembourg citizenship?

The answer lies in history. In the 19th century, a number of Luxembourgish families emigrated to the United States and Brazil. These days, the numerous descendants living in these countries with Luxembourgish roots are able to apply for citizenship as part of the "reclaiming" process.

Applicants must be able to prove they are descendants of someone who was a Luxembourgish national on 1 January 1900. In order to submit their application, they need to travel to Luxembourg and present the application to the municipal council in Luxembourg City.

In 2021, Covid travel restrictions meant that the number of applicants for reclaiming nationality dropped significantly, as they were unable to enter the country.

Who can obtain Luxembourgish nationality?

There are three ways to obtain Luxembourgish nationality: naturalisation, reclaiming, or by option. Read more in our Quick Guide here!