Police reported a number of break-ins over the course of Wednesday evening.

Burglars are taking advantage of limited daylight hours to target homes, businesses and building sites.

According to police, Wednesday night was rife for break-ins, with burglaries reported in Cessange, where a thief gained access through a balcony door, and two incidents in Cents. One of these was interrupted by a resident.

An apartment building in Soleuvre was also targeted, with the thief breaking a window at the back of the building in order to get in.

Burglars also broke into a house in Belvaux overnight, gaining access via a cellar door in order to steal valuables.

Other cellar break-ins were reported in Luxembourg City, Gasperich and Bettembourg over a similar time period.

Finally, thieves gained access to building sites in Kockelscheuer and Steinfort, with a number of tools and machines going missing.

The police website has tips on how best to secure your home against burglars over the winter months.