The inauguration of the Sanem prison took place on Wednesday, in the presence of the Grand Duke. The facility will separate accused and convicted individuals in Luxembourg's prison system.

The 'Uerschterhaff' prison was inaugurated with great pomp and ceremony on Wednesday. The Grand Duke, the Ministers of Justice and Public Works, the Mayor of the municipality and the Director of the Prison Administration attended the event.

The facility in Sanem is to be used primarily to separate presumed innocent individuals in pre-trial detention from convicted prisoners. The commissioning of this prison should also limit a scenario of prison overcrowding, which the country previously experienced in 2007.

The Luxembourg Prison Administration maintains that the commissioning of the 'Ueschterhaff' Prison Centre (CPU) will allow for "adequate punitive treatment of inmates, as well as social integration preparation" while guaranteeing security and order in the prisons, which will be less crowded as a result.

The new prison will have a maximum capacity of 400 beds and will only accommodate male prisoners. The Prison Service says that female prisoners will remain in Schrassig prison. According to the LPA, the centre will become fully operational in January 2023.