On Saturday, people got a preview into plans for the new housing project replacing the former ArcelorMittal site between Esch-sur-Alzette and Schifflange.

Over the course of the day, visitors were able to participate in work shops and guided tours of the premises. Experts were also available to provide further insight into the housing project and listen to the proposals of the people.


Close to 150 years of industrial history are set to be given a new life thanks to the housing project. No museum and no dusty relics of the past, but an experimental plan to keep the heritage alive and functioning is the central idea.

Two Natura 2000 zones, located at the far ends of the premises, are to be integrated into the project. Also, the Alzette river will be restored and connected to the Lalleng hill, explained project coordinator Yves Biwer, which will allow animals to move freely between both areas.

About half of the 80-hectare-wide site is reserved for housing, out of which 30% will be affordable. In terms of transportation, trams and bicycles are to be prioritised over cars, noted Biwer. Car access will therefore end at four different 'facility hubs', which will be above-ground car parks with room for businesses on the ground floor.


The website for the Metzeschmelz project, which allows people to further communicate ideas, will launch in 2023. Two information events will be organised per year to further support constructive exchanges, underlined Agora president Marie-Josée Vidal. There will also be an opportunity for people to join the 'future council', an initiative concerned with the sustainability of the housing project.

In the coming months, national and international experts will convene and work out concrete solutions in support of better mobility and sustainable development.


Video report in Luxembourgish

Metzeschmelz Official Opening Day
Um fréiere Site vun der ArcelorMittal tëscht Esch a Schëffleng waren d’"Metzeschmelz Official Opening Days."