In September 2022, the National Language Institute (INL) launched a new platform to allow people around the world to learn Luxembourgish. (Learn Luxembourgish Online) aims to promote teaching and learning of the Luxembourgish language, with tools for both learners and educators.

In recent years, Luxembourgish has grown in popularity. Enrollments for Luxembourgish courses at the INL have doubled over the past decade, and in 2021/22 more students signed up for the language than for French. The beginner level classes in particular fill up very quickly.

Last September when the platform launched the Minister of Education Claude Meisch commented:

"The demand for Luxembourgish courses is very high, both at home and abroad. This shows how important Luxembourgish is as a communication and integration language, even for people who do not speak it or do not speak it yet. With the new learning platform, we are now making it possible for interested people to learn the language in a fun and digital way and from anywhere in the world."

Sharon Arendt from the Institut National des Langues was a guest on the Sam Steen Show on RTL Today Radio this week to talk a bit more about LLO and how it has evolved in the last seven months since its launch.


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She's noticed that quite a few people from the United States and from Brazil use it, either because they want to move to Luxembourg or because they have ancestors from the Grand-Duchy. Over 50,000 people have signed up to, of which around 30,000 live in Luxembourg. So far, the feedback for the app has been great.

The team at also offer virtual language cafés, so that people can also practice their oral communication skills. Sharon hosts some of these and the participants told her that they are very pleased with the app.

For more information listen to the full interview:

Want to learn Luxembourgish for free? available via the website or as a smartphone app. Currently, the platform offers courses for levels A1 and A2 (according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Each school year, an additional level is added.

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