The Council of State informed the Prime Minister that it would only be able to make a decision on a complete draft bill, which means that the current preliminary draft bill of the Covid-19 vaccine mandate cannot be considered.

As the Council of State rejected the current version of the vaccine mandate, which was officially confirmed on Thursday evening, consultations between the coalition parties have already begun.

The Ministry of State's Head of Cabinet, Jeff Feller, said that the government parties intend to send a letter to the Council of State next week with a series of questions. In this way, the politicians hope to obtain clear answers about the circumstances under which a vaccine mandate could be introduced and what related sanctions might look like, among other things.

By doing this, the government is "optimistic" that it can still obtain a favourable opinion from the Council of State. In order to gain time in the autumn, the coalition had decided in July to "informally table" a preliminary draft bill on a possible vaccine mandate and to already submit it to the Council of State for an opinion.