Around 580 Ukrainian refugees are currently registered at ADEM and looking for a job. Over 100 have already found one.

As one of over 4,000 Ukrainians, Olga has left her home in Kyiv and is currently living with a family in Luxembourg. Despite everything she has experienced, she remains positive and always tries to make the best of a situation.
However, things are not going so well for her right now, especially in the professional field. She has been looking for work without success since her arrival: out of over 50 enquiries, she has only had two interviews despite her years of experience in marketing and project management.

To further her chances of employment, she has also taken numerous business courses in project management and digital marketing in recent months; she is eager to be useful to a company, she stresses.

In general, many of the Ukrainian refugees have qualified profiles, explains Mario Della Schiava, who works at ADEM's application service. About 40 percent speak English, but almost none speak German or French, which is the biggest barrier. However, Magdalena Pilawska of the Beneficiary Unit for Temporary Protection says that most of them could be placed in the horesca, cleaning, or gardening sectors.

On average, 20 percent of Ukrainians who were registered at ADEM found a job. Pilawska therefore does not understand why a suitable job has still not been found for Olga. It is important to help these people improve their profile, for example by learning French, she suggests. However, not enough courses are offered for this, especially not in the summer months.

Olga is fluent in English and Russian, and is currently learning French with an online app. It's not easy, but it's a challenge she is happy to take on given she has decided to stay in Luxembourg forever if the opportunity arises. While optimistic about most things, she fears for her home country's future.

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