When the village of Belgium was founded in Wisconsin in the 1840s, Luxembourgers were one of the main groups of immigrants to settle there.

The nearly 2,400 residents celebrate their Luxembourgish heritage every year in the context of a festival. The first edition of Belgium's Luxembourg Fest was celebrated in 1987 and featured the then hereditary Grand Duke Henri as a very special guest of honour. A bust of the Grand Duke, created by Luxembourgish artist Vicky Hinger, is on display on the town's Grand Duke Henri Plaza.

After the pandemic rendered travelling to the US rather difficult these past two years, a Luxembourgish delegation was once again present during the 2022 Luxembourg Fest. The delegation included Minister of Finance Yuriko Backes, Pirate Party MP Sven Clement, and Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich.

A lot was on the agenda in Belgium last weekend: After a mass conducted by Cardinal Hollerich, a parade made its way through the town. Besides a "Treipen Mobile", a lot of Luxembourgish flags, as well as Golden Lady and Red Lion mascots, Minister Yuriko Backes and MP Sven Clement also participated in the parade. While Backes waved to the crowd from a red Mustang, Cardinal Hollerich could be seen relaxing on a camp chair on the roadside.

You can relive the highlights of this year's Luxembourg Fest in this YouTube video by the Luxembourg American Cultural Society: