Health officials in Luxembourg recommend that people above the age of 65 and those with preexisting conditions get vaccinated in the upcoming flu season.

Over the last two years, masks mandates, social distancing, and overall restrictions have made it harder for respiratory illnesses to spread. The level of precaution put in place due to Covid-19 might therefore affect how people handle an influenza infection come autumn, which is why health experts recommend getting vaccinated.

German virologist Bodo Plachter, who works at the Virology Institute of the University Medical Centre in Mainz, recently warned that this year's influenza wave combined with other pathogens might bring severe consequences.

Dr Jean-Claude Schmit from the Health Directorate has confirmed that such a trend is already observable: "We had a number of infections stemming from mundane viruses over the last weeks and months. People are a little more sensitive and it is clear that as always, vulnerable people should get vaccinated against the flu."

In terms of logistics, both the flu and Covid vaccinations can be made at the same time, explained Dr Schmit: "Both vaccinations can be made in short succession or even on the same day, no problem whatsoever. People above the age of 65 should get inoculated, but we also see that there are many young people interested in the extra layer of protection."

As influenza is mutating every year, just like coronavirus, new types of vaccines have to be developed with every new change. The Ministry of Health recommends that people start getting vaccinated at the beginning of October.