Hospitality? Finance? Construction? Where can you earn the most money in Luxembourg?

It will come as no surprise that Luxembourgish salaries are the highest in the European Union, standing at an average of 64.932€ gross per year.

But this impressive number is distorted by some very high-paying sectors, while others may be well below the average. The Statec looked at the issue in a study published in January 2021. They found that in relation to a "reference salary" (taken from the health and social sector), the sectors of industry (-20,17%), construction (-37,41%) and hospitality (-50,52%) pay particularly poorly.

On the other extreme, salaries are higher in information and communication (+14,29%) and public administration (+26,76%). The difference increases even more for finance and insurance (+45,31%) and education (+44,70%). The fact that finance makes up a large part of our economy distorts this even further.

Here are the average gross incomes per year by sector:

  • less than 40,000€ for an administrative or hospitality job
  • a little under 50,000€ for retail and construction
  • over 50,000€ in the industrial sector
  • around 70,000€ for the health and social sectors
  • over 80,000€ in public administration
  • around 100.000€ in education, as well as finance and insurance