Prices are rising in all sectors, but Luxembourg households are primarily seeing the effects in supermarkets.

In early May, STATEC confirmed that the average grocery shopping cart had risen in price. However, a quick look at prices shows this is not a recent trend; food prices have been increasing gradually since May 2021 to reach an increase of +5.56% by April 2022 (annual variation).

Which products are most affected?

According to STATEC, fish and seafood have increased by 10.68% in a year, while meat products are not far behind with an 8.79% price hike over the same time period. Fats and oils have gone up by 7.43%, while bread and cereals have risen by 6.3%. Finally, coffee, tea and cocoa rose by 4.74%, rounding off the five top grocery categories in terms of price increases.

Among the food categories listed by STATEC there was just one that has gone down in price from April 2021 to April 2022: fruit dropped by 1.92% over this time period. All other food products have more or less experienced significant price hikes. Dairy items such as milk, cheese and eggs have gone up by 4.69%, vegetables have risen by 3.89% and non-alcoholic beverages by 4.22% .