From autumn 2022, a large part of music, theater and dance lessons in municipal music schools will be free.

On Tuesday, the new law was voted overwhelmingly in the Chamber of Deputies with 56 votes. Only the ADR abstained. It was hailed as an important step to give children and adolescents the best chances in life. Free and accessible music lessons will support all children in their personal development and offer new skills, said the minister for education Claude Meisch.

Music lessons should become as normal as going to school. The first seven years will be free for anyone who wants to attend, up to age 18. Theater and dance lessons are also covered. Two thirds of the 18,000 children in education will benefit from the offer.

In addition, rates for remaining classes not covered under the free offer will be capped at 100 euros, even for adults. This will remove price differences between different municipalities and allow everyone to take lessons on an equal footing.

Claude Meisch: "I can tell you that I have googled a lot over the past few weeks to find another country [doing this]. There isn't one. [...] I think I can rightly say: we are taking a very big step, and not just a symbolic step. We want to stress the importance of music."

The new law, which will come into effect next school year, was largely welcomed, even if there were small criticisms, such as from Pirate MP Sven Clement, who pointed out that signing up for music lessons would not help much if you could not afford the necessary instrument.