French care provider Orpéa Group, which plans on opening a nursing home in the Grand Duchy, came under fire last week after an investigative report alleged serious misconduct in several facilities.

French author Victor Castanet published an investigative book, entitled "Les Fossoyeurs" ("The Gravediggers"), which alleges serious misconduct across several nursing homes operated by Orpéa Group. The company thus came under fire in France last week. Orpéa currently plans on opening a nursing home here in Luxembourg in March and has already put forward an official demand to the Ministry for Family Affairs and Integration.

Following a request from MP Marc Spautz (CSV), Minister Cahen informed the Chamber on Monday morning that grievances like the ones reported in France cannot occur in the Grand Duchy thanks to strict regulation.

The Minister further informed MPs that the State Council currently revises a draft for an even stricter regulation. Should Orpéa receive permission for a nursing home in Luxembourg, then they have to comply with the country's laws, she explained. In terms of their request, the Ministry has thus far only reviewed the size of the planned rooms.

During the debate, MP Spautz also underlined that the French company cannot be refused based on accusations that were made abroad. He believes that the government should grant permission so that it can properly monitor the nursing home's management.

If Orpéa's request is denied, the company is still able to offer senior apartments in Luxembourg, which are however less regulated. Nevertheless, it is in Orpéas best interest to receive ministerial permission since this facilitates the financing of the nursing home, explained Minister Cahen.

On Monday morning, news broke that Orpéa Group had fired CEO Yves Le Masne.