Up until now, children had to stay home if two positive cases occurred in a single class, a rule which has now been changed to six cases per class.

Despite encouraging words from the Ministry of Education, reactions to the change remain mixed.

Philippe Kloos, primary school director in Sanem, expressed optimism over the fact that the chance for children to be confined to their home is now lower.

Teachers' union SNE agrees that the change will bring advantages from a pedagogical perspective, but also drew attention to the increased health risks.

SNE president Patrick Remakel believes that the Ministry's plan is too drastic for children in kindergartens. After all, they are the only age group without a mask mandate and too young to be vaccinated.

As soon as one child tests positive, all the others should do a rapid test before school. There is no way to check if parents comply with this rule, but officials emphasised that they have faith that people understand the severity of the situation.