Luxembourg's first-ever second-hand bookshop, promotes sustainability, a circular economy and affordable access to education.

Was your New Year's resolution to read more? Well you're in luck, because the Luxembourg's first ever second-hand bookstore has launched online under the name of The Green Library.

The Green Library offers the Luxembourgish population the opportunity to buy and sell pre-loved books, while encouraging sustainability and the joys of reading.

Within the first month of the launch, the online bookshop already boasted over 150 volumes in English, French and German.  Unlike traditional bookstores, The Green Library offers patrons the ability to earn money for the sale of their pre-loved literature.

The initiative helps reduce waste while at the same time making education more accessible, as the books are priced up to 50% less than new editions. Purchased books are shipped right to your door in a convenient, recycled mailer,  meaning buying a book has never been easier or more eco-friendly!

“I came up with the solution when I realised that there was no simple, local option to either buy or sell your used books. I thought it was incredible that nobody in Luxembourg had yet created this sort of initiative. After mulling it over for a month, I decided to take it upon myself to begin the project. We’ve already been contacted by over 20 people to sell their books in our store within the first month” Irina Roman, Founder of The Green Library.

The Green Library aims to become Luxembourg's number 1 go-to for books. With the reuse and resale market gaining traction over the last few years, it's only a matter of time before more retailers pivot towards a more circular economy.

You can check out The Green Library's online bookshop at

We will have an in-depth interview in the coming weeks.