Just in time for the "Impfwoch", 100,000 new vaccine doses should be delivered today, with the Findel vaccination centre reopening on Friday.

The "Vaccination week" (Impfwoch), which started on Monday and will last until Sunday, is primarily aimed at those who have not yet had their initial jabs. They can find information and get the vaccine in a number of pop up locations around the country, for free and without an appointment. However, there are also many people queuing for their booster jab, as RTL found out on Tuesday.

The Health Minister had stressed several times that everyone who was due a booster would be getting their invitation in the post and could make an appointment in one of the three vaccination centres. But while she had assured RTL that there were enough doses remaining "at least for the next weeks", the question of the next delivery remained open.

"We are confident that we will receive a delivery of 100,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine tomorrow morning," the High Commissioner for National Protection, Luc Feller, told RTL on Tuesday.


"As soon as the delivery is verified in Luxembourg, appointments will open during the day, allowing people to get their booster shots by appointment, from Friday, at the vaccination centre of the Luxembourg Air Rescue," he said. This will come in addition to the three remaining vaccination centres.

57,000 invitations will go out starting Wednesday for potential booster candidates. This includes everyone originally vaccinated with AstraZenecam where the delay between the 2nd and 3rd dose is four months minimum.

Those originally vaccinated with Moderna or BioNTech/Pfizer, the third dose is recommended six months after the second dose. For the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, it is possible one month after the original vaccine.