According to the latest report from the Health Directorate, 2,400 new coronavirus infections were recorded last week.

The average age of new coronavirus patients is currently 33.4 years.

Most new infections stem from family circles, while every fifth infection was recorded in schools. 7% of infections originated at work, and 5% during leisure activities. For every fourth case, no infection source could be determined.

When it comes to positive infections in primary schools, scenario 4 (meaning there was no cluster) was registered in Koetschette and in Redange. Close to 60 pupils were affected, as well as two teachers. 22 classes had to go into quarantine.

43 people were hospitalised with Covid-19 last week, 18 of them were unvaccinated. Out of eleven patients in ICU, five were not vaccinated. Hospitalised patients are on average 58 years old.

Eleven people died in relation to Covid-19 last week. The average age of deceased patients is 77.

The seven-day incidence rate per 100,000 citizens jumped from 299 to 374. All age groups were affected by the spike. The reproduction rate dropped to 1.16.

Close to 4,100 people had to isolate last week, while around 8,000 were placed in quarantine.

At the moment, 431,000 people are fully vaccinated, which corresponds to 78% of people above the age of 12. About 20,000 booster shots were administered last week. People who are eligible for their booster shot either have to wait for an invitation and book an appointment at a vaccination centre, go to one of the pop-up vaccination centres or their GP without appointment.

According to the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), the prevalence of coronavirus residue in the country's water purification plants has gone up to reach the same levels as in December last year.