The weather forecaster has issued an orange alert from 4pm to 10pm on Saturday; however, the first rain showers or storms could occur at any point throughout the afternoon.

A yellow alert was issued on Friday from midday Saturday to 10pm, but has since been upgraded to orange.

Some areas of the country could see between 15 and 25 litres of rainfall per square metre on Saturday afternoon.

Expect heavy rain, strong winds and the odd hailstone shower, as well as thunder and lightning. Temperatures are set to be warm and humid, ranging from 22 to 26 degrees Celsius.

Sunday's weather at present looks to be somewhat changeable, with sunshine interspersed with the odd rainshower or thunderstorm. Temperatures will lie around 26°C, setting a trend for the coming week.

Emergency services warning

In light of the orange alert issued on Saturday, the Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps has issued a reminder on ways to stay safe during inclement weather. The emergency services also recommend regularly checking the news or Meteolux for updates (although it is worth noting that the Meteolux website is currently experiencing technical issues).

Potential dangers posed by heavy thunderstorms:

  • Damage to light housing and temporary constructions;
  • Rapid flooding of cellars and low-lying areas;
  • Possible fire hazards following lightning strikes not accompanied by precipitation;
  • Considerable material damage possible or risk of accidents following strong gusts of wind or falling hail, such as falling tree branches or other debris.

Advice for staying safe during a storm:

  • When a thunderstorm approaches, put away objects such as garden furniture, parasols, etc; close windows and doors;
  • Avoid the outdoors (danger of hail, lightning and objects blown around by the wind);
  • Do not shelter under trees, especially not under an isolated tree;
  • If you are in an exposed location, squat as low as possible with your feet together, your head between your arms folded and pressed against your knees, or lie flat on the floor;
  • Avoid walks in the forest and leave all open-air bathing areas;
  • Avoid using corded telephones and electrical appliances;
  • Promptly report any fires that you may witness;
  • Keep yourself informed about the weather situation, preferably via, and adapt behaviour according to the evolution of the situation;
  • Exercise caution and vigilance.