Tourists and residents alike have been displaced by flooding across the country. RTL reporters checked in with evacuees in Rospert, Hesperange and Bettembourg.

The camping ground in Rosport had to be evacuated as a matter of urgency early on Thursday morning. Six people were brought to an emergency shelter in Osweiler cultural centre, where they were able to rest, clean up and have a bite to eat.

Rosport sports centre was also used as emergency accommodation for people made to leave their homes. Mayor Romain Osweiler of Rosport explained the two buildings had been selected because they were accessible to people across the municipality.

Hesperange and Alzingen also experienced historical flooding, forcing tourists to abandon campsites. People were later fishing items out of the Alzette from where they had been swept away by the currents. An elderly couple, who were evacuated towards midday, said the water in their home had reached levels of around 50cm, causing their furniture to float and damaging their possessions.

Other residents were liberated from their homes by boats and dinghies, often without warning and with little time to pack. The municipal council organised hotel rooms for people who could not be accommodated by friends or family, according to mayor Marc Lies, as a number of available council-owned homes were still unfurnished.

The municipality of Bettembourg also arranged emergency hotel accommodation for a number of residents whose homes were flooded overnight.