In addition, nightlife activities are to be relaunched and tests at restaurants will be partially lifted in the next phase of the Covid law.

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel and Minister of Health Paulette Lenert presented details of the new Covid-19 law during a press conference on Wednesday, as the PM confirmed a more positive outlook for the next month or so.

Luxembourg residents can expect substantial relaxations of several restrictions currently in place. Very much in time for Mother's Day, a household will be able to welcome up to ten guests at home, with the rule of four thus being replaced by the "rule of ten". This also means that ten people would be allowed to eat or drink together on a terrace.

In addition, up to four people will be able to sit inside a bar or restaurant without the need for a negative test result. For groups over four people, the new Covid-19 certificate will be necessary, i.e. customers would show it to prove that they have either been vaccinated, tested negative, or recovered from a Covid-19 infection. Again, these rules would apply for groups over four people that would like to sit indoors.

Furthermore, nightlife activities will relaunch under certain conditions, with around 300 people allowed to enter a night club provided that they are able to show a negative test result, or produce the Covid check.

The nightly curfew will be lifted entirely and restaurants and bars will no longer have restricted opening hours.

Masks will still be mandatory within public transport and retail, although the limit on customers will be lifted for supermarkets and shopping centres, while customers will once again be allowed to eat in the latter. Masks must also be worn in the classroom at schools, although they are no longer mandatory once outside.

Some sports events may take place with up to 2,000 people; however, this must be done in conjunction with the Ministry of Health.

The "Covid check"

Both ministers provided further details on the so-called Covid check, which was agreed between European counterparts this week.

The document proves that the holder is either fully vaccinated, recovered from Covid, or bears a valid negative test result, by way of a QR code relating to either of the three options.

Rapid tests will now have extended validity for 48 hours, up from 24, while PCR tests remain valid for 72 hours.

A person who has contracted Covid and recovered will be cleared with the certificate for a period of six months following the date of the first positive PCR test.

Vaccinated people have several options: for those receiving two jabs, they are considered fully vaccinated from the date of the second jab. For those receiving a one-jab vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson, a two-week period is required from the date of the jab until they are considered to be vaccinated. Finally, a person who has recovered from Covid within the last six months is considered vaccinated from the date of the first jab.


Luxembourg is due to achieve a new record in daily vaccinations, with over 8,000 people lined up to be jabbed on Wednesday. The first invites have begun rolling out to people under 40 this week.

Paulette Lenert added that the quarantine period will no longer be required for those who are fully vaccinated.

As the under 30s have not yet had the opportunity to get the jab, Bettel announced residents aged 6-30 would receive a voucher for a free PCR test as part of the large scale testing scheme.
In addition, visitors to retirement and care homes or hospitals must present a negative test result, while staff must be tested twice a week or be able to present the Covid check.