Dismantling the structure is expected to take five nights, with work being performed between 11pm and 5am.

The individual components of the flyover are being taken apart one by one and then lifted away with the help of a 700 tonne crane. For safety reasons, the overhead contact lines will be switched off for the duration of the construction work. The first major part of the bridge was taken off at 3.30am Tuesday morning.

The new flyover is expected to be installed next Friday. It is made out of steel, metal, and glass, and weighs a total of 400 tonnes.

Apart from this project, the train station itself will also be expanded. Two new platforms will be constructed, which are expected to come into use by December.

As part of the renewal work, the north footbridge will be inaccessible until 13 September. Access to the platforms is possible through the north and south underpasses.