First aid classes are now available to recognise early symptoms and support those affected by mental health problems.

Every year, 30% of the population suffers from depression, anxiety, addiction or psychosis. However, those affected are not always aware of this or do not know where they can ask for help. It is therefore all the more important that the people around them learn to recognise the symptoms and know how they can support those affected. That is why the Ligue d’Hygiène Mentale now offers first aid courses.

Psychesch Gesondheet / Rep. Diana Hoffmann

For sanitary reasons, the classes will be held temporarily in the form of webinars. In four modules of three hours, participants will learn to recognise symptoms for the most common mental illnesses.
Dr Elisabeth Seimetz, a psychologist with the League, believes that the more the population's knowledge is expanded and people are sensitised, the more people will feel less guilty and be willing to seek help.

It can take up to 4 months before people decide to get professional help. Especially if one cannot afford psychological help and is taken through the conventional sector. It is therefore all the more important that many people take part in the first aid course to facilitate this transitional phase, emphasises Dr Fränz D'Onghia, Director of the Information and Prevention Centre.

The goal of the Ministry of Health and the League is to have 3 percent of the population, i.e. 18,000 responders, trained in mental health by 2030. Companies should also play a role here: At ArcelorMittal, for example, the first courses for people in HR, personnel delegation, and safety and health are starting now, says ArcelorMittal occupational health physician Marc Jacoby.

Courses for adults will be offered from mid-June. In the autumn, training will be organised for people working with young people. When the necessary instructors are trained, students will also be offered first aid courses for mental health. These are focused on how to help other young people.

You can sign up for the classes here.