Since 3 April, trains travelling from France to Luxembourg City's railway station have been stopping in Bettembourg due to construction work that is taking place on the Rangwee tunnel.

The Luxembourg National Railway Company (CFL) has put in place substitute buses for affected travellers.

Over the past days, some passengers have still been rather surprised when heraing the announcement that Bettembourg would be their train's terminus.

Once the doors open, they make their way through the railway station's small underground passage and eventually find themselves outside.

There, buses are already awaiting them, ready to take the numerous passengers to Luxembourg City.

This is the CFL's attempt to realise a rather delicate balancing act: limiting the hassle for passengers as much as possible, while still remaining mindful about the pandemic and not overcrowding coaches.

30 CFL employees distributed between both railway stations are tasked with channelling passengers towards the buses.

Twelve transport companies from the Greater Region are involved. From Monday to Friday, they provide more than 800 journeys between Luxembourg and Bettembourg but also from Esch-sur-Alzette or Thionville.

All this organisation ensures the continuity of transport for workers on their way to the capital. This constraint has been well accepted by travellers despite some inconveniences.

It is expected that everything will be back to normal by Monday morning, 19 April.