Boxing has been offered as an activity to the elderly visitors of the day centre since 2018.

While it is certainly not an activity that most people would not immediately associate with elder care. Nonetheless, the Syrdall Home's visitors are always keen on starting their exercises every Thursday.

The training sessions are offered by 35-year-old Micau Tavares. He works as an educator in training for the Premier Appel intervention service for homeless people in Luxembourg City. However, Tavares was also a professional boxer for several years. Looking for more stability in his life, however, he decided to quit his boxing career.

Every Thursday, he teaches the elderly visitors of the Syrdall Home in a playful way how to use their fists. The goal of the training is to strengthen the participants' coordination and memory.

Tavares launched the project himself, taking inspiration from his time as a volunteer at the Parkinson Centre in Leudelange. The Parkinson Centre has been offering boxing classes to its patients for several years.