The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has issued a new report, which shows that between 28 March and 4 April, 1,544 people got infected with Covid-19.

Last week, the incidence rate for coronavirus decreased in all age groups, except for 30 to 44-year-olds. With 1,544 new infections in seven days, the weekly average has thereby decreased by 8.4% compared to the week before. The average age for the newly infected is currently set at 36.5 years.

Nineteen people died in relation to Covid-19 during that same period. The average age of that group is 79 years. One hundred and eleven patients were hospitalised last week, which represents a slight increase. The same goes for the 29 people in intensive care units.

The positivity rate has meanwhile dropped from 2.51 to 1.93%. The seven-day-review further shows that the incidence rate has slightly decreased to 247 cases in 100,000 residents, 22 fewer than the week before.


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It thus follows that the incidence rate has decreased in almost all age groups. Only those between 30 and 44 have registered a 6% increase. Positive infections for people over the age of 75 have meanwhile dropped by a staggering 42%, which shows the impact that the vaccination strategy already has.

34.5% of new infections can be linked to family members. Other recurring infection hotspots are schools (4.5%) and the office (4%). Nevertheless, in 47.9% of cases, authorities were unable to determine the infection source.

Last week, 74.1% of positive cases turned out to be the British virus variant, a percentage that keeps climbing. The South African mutation on the other hand has decreased its presence, only making up 18% of cases.