Journalist Edouard Perrin's claim to the confidentiality of his sources was rejected by the French court during the appeal process on Thursday.

The Metz court of appeal declared inadmissible the request of journalist Edouard Perrin, who wanted the court to stop the seizure of documents from one of his informants, in the context of the "LuxLeaks" affair, which revealed a major case of tax evasion practised in Luxembourg.

The appeal court rejected his request, noting that Perrin had "no interest in acting".

Between 2012 and 2014, Raphaël Halet, a disillusioned employee of the Luxembourg consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), had sent Perrin numerous documents proving large-scale tax evasion schemes carried out in Luxembourg through PwC.

PwC had requested and obtained an order from a summary judge in Metz to search the French home of Halet. His computer and e-mails exchanged with Perrin were seized. Perrin demanded the cancellation of all seizures.

Since then, Halet has been sentenced in Luxembourg to a six-month suspended prison sentence and a fine of €1,000 for "theft, computer fraud, and money laundering".

The European Court of Human Rights will review his case in the coming months.

However, the journalist Perrin was acquitted by the Grand Duchy's courts. The Metz Court of Appeal therefore considered that he no longer had an interest in the case and, as in the first instance, rejected his request.

"Mr Perrin's submissions do not contain any explanation of the interest that Mr Perrin would personally have in obtaining the retraction of the order made against Mr Halet," the judges wrote in the ruling handed down on Thursday, a partial copy of which was obtained by AFP.

The intervention of the National Union of Journalists (SNJ) in support of Perrin was also declared inadmissible. The SNJ and Perrin were ordered to pay the costs.

The journalist said he would give himself "time to think" before appealing to the Court of Cassation (one of the four courts of last resort in France and the supreme court of appeal in cases of civil and criminal matters).