People aged 75 and over and highly vulnerable individuals will be vaccinated from today onwards. Here is how and where to book an appointment.

Who is concerned?

Those concerned are residents from the age of 75, starting with the oldest (phase 2a), but also people who are in a highly vulnerable state of health (phase 2b).

Overall, this includes roughly 5,000 people, specified Minister of Health Paulette Lenert on Friday. It covers adults who have Down's syndrome, have undergone a solid organ transplant (including people on a waiting list), who have had a hematopoietic stem cell transplant (within the first 6 months or under treatment), who have cancer and malignant hemopathy under treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy), and who suffer from congenital immune deficiencies.

How can I book an appointment?

People over 75 years old will receive an invitation from the Ministry of Health by post, with a detailed indication of how to make an appointment at one of the vaccination centres of their choice.

Personalised assistance is provided via a hotline specially set up for this purpose under the number (+352) 247-65533.

People with cancer who are regularly monitored in one of the country's oncology departments "will be invited directly by the hospital in which they are being treated to be vaccinated."

Highly vulnerable people will be able to be registered via their attending physician or specialist physician from 1 March and will then receive an invitation by post.

Two new vaccination centres opening this week

In addition to Victor Hugo Hall in Limpertsberg and the vaccination centre which opened this Monday in Esch/Belval (and will be able to vaccinate up to 6,700 people in one week), two new vaccination centres will open their doors in the north and in the east of the country.

On 25 February, the vaccination centre located in the Sports Hall of the Center hospitalier neuro-psychiatrique (CHNP) in Ettelbruck will be open from 8am, and the one located in the scout chalet “Badboeschelchen” in Mondorf will be operational from 1pm.

From 26 February, the procedure and opening hours will be the same for all vaccination centres in Luxembourg.

Opening hours:

- Monday from 1pm-7pm
- Tuesday to Friday from 7am-7pm
- Saturday from 7am-1pm