56 out of 159 samples analysed in the fourth week of 2021 were found to be the British variant of coronavirus, while 8 were South African.

The National Health Laboratory published a new report, pertaining to 159 genomes analysed in the fourth calendar week of the year. These represented around 16% of all infections.

39% of these samples were found to be the British variant B.1.1.7, while 5.6% were the South African variant.

However, this is not representative of the general population, as 27% of the samples represented targeted sequencing requested by the Health Inspectorate (e.g. contact tracing).

There are currently 18 different variants in circulation in Luxembourg.

The LNS is working alongside the Health Inspectorate to finalise a method which will display representative data for the whole population. This will comprise analysis of 300 Sars-CoV-2 samples per week, sequencing by age and region, to find out which variants are circulating where. The aim is to have a full overview by the end of February.

In other news, not a single case of flu was detected in Luxembourg during week 5 of 2021. This has been attributed to the social distancing and sanitary measures currently in effect.