Luxembourg's Brasserie Nationale, which includes the brands Bofferding, Battin, Funck-Bricher and the mineral water brand Lodyss, produces 138,000 hectolitres yearly, most of it beer, which made up 110,000 hectolitres of all total production.

This is a sharp drop compared to the year prior. "In 2019 we produced 157,000 hectolitres, this year it was 47,000 litres less. Mostly barrels. This is due to the closure of the hospitality sector and the fact that there are no events", says general director Frédéric de Radiguès. Revenue has fallen by 18% to €8,9 million. Post-tax and expenses, €2,1 million remain - a decrease of 40%.

The brasserie was forced to pick up 10,000 barrels of beer from closed cafés and restaurants during the first lockdown. The company expects 20,000 additional barrels in this current period of confinement.

Supermarkets, such as Cactus and Delhaize, saw a 20% increase in sales, but this boost in sales does not make up for the losses in the hospitality sector, says de Radiguès.

The fact that the company now also sells water proved valuable and helped sustain the business.

Video in Luxembourgish and French